Franz Kafka the Modernist

Kafka was part of the modernist movement. The modernist movement took place in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It was a moving apart from convention and doing something different. From art to writing to architecture, things started to change. The realist movement focused on reality, while this modernist movement focused pushing those bonds, to see the world in a new way and reach new possibilities. Kafka’s characters did just that. In the Metamorphosis, we have Gregor Samsa, who changes into a giant bug. This sort of extreme had not been done before. “The Encarta encyclopedia defines "kafkaesque" as "grotesque, anxiety-producing social conditions or their treatment in literature." An even better definition would be "overly complex in seemingly pointless, impersonal, and often disturbing way." This adjective can apply to social conditions in reality; a totalitarian state, conditions could be "kafkaesque": impersonal, beauraucratic and probably inhumane.” These sort of extreme characters we see in today’s literature, we can compare to Frank Kafka’s characters.

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